My Changing Relationship With Gaming

For whatever reason, I felt compelled to revisit some of my Rockers Delight archive. It dates back to 2008, where I mention visits to Blockbuster and talking to friends on MSN. A different Universe considering Blockbuster is out of business and I haven’t used MSN for 4 years.

• • •

Pro Tip – Splinter Cell: Blacklist on Perfectionist

If you’re having difficulty with the transit yards mission on Perfectionist, in particular surviving crashing through the train window (one shot and you’re dead – especially if, like me, you’re kitted out in stealth armour, not combat), ensure you lob a tear gas grenade as quickly as possible. You’ll steal yourself just enough time to seek cover whilst the two engineers in the carriage are choking, giving you the opportunity to take them down. This will work if you break through the second window, not the first.

• • •

Tomb Raider

Currently Playing: Dead Rising 2The Tomb Raider series means a lot to me, and while I admit it has lost its footing in recent years, I’ve always stuck by Lara. The latest Tomb Raider, however, has been completely re-imagined and – at some points – doesn’t even feel like a TR game. It’s a welcome change, though, and has me well and truly hooked.

• • •
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