Aside: Introducing My Dragon Age: Inquisition Character

Man, there is something about RPGs that enthral me. This is largely down to the lack of limitations. Your choices reflect the outcome and you have a wealth of control over your character. From personality traits, to strengths and weaknesses, to physical appearance, your character truly is your character. This is my character, Fidem. She’s […]

Blacklist Is The Best Yet

I’m by no means a Splinter Cell veteran, having only played three of the six instalments (Double Agent, Conviction, and Blacklist), but from what I have played, Blacklist is the best of the series. It’s taken me almost two months of gameplay spurts to complete the single player campaign, and – having defeated the final […]

Pro Tip – Splinter Cell: Blacklist on Perfectionist

If you’re having difficulty with the transit yards mission on Perfectionist, in particular surviving crashing through the train window (one shot and you’re dead – especially if, like me, you’re kitted out in stealth armour, not combat), ensure you lob a tear gas grenade as quickly as possible. You’ll steal yourself just enough time to […]