A Couple Of Reasons I Hate Shopping At GAME

GAME is pretty much my last resort for game purchases, and today I remembered why. Sneaky tactics like hiding normal editions of games in the stock room, having only special editions—which are considerably more expensive—on display.

It didn’t escape me, a frequent gamer, but the more casual shopper could easily be fooled.

Oh, and the fact that every time I shop there my gender is brought into it. “You would love Skyrim, you can play AS A GIRL!”. Not forgetting the time I queued for Crackdown and was met with, “This isn’t a very feminine choice” by the sales rep.

I’d much rather throw my cash at independent dealers, or even GameStation. Yes, I know GameStation was bought by GAME a few years ago, but there seems to be a huge difference in the attitudes of staff. GAME is run by suits. Sneaky, sexist suits.


Heyo, I'm Ashley. I like video games, photography, and my dog, Indie.

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