Aside: A Plea To Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, Xbox Live is now 7 years old, which begs the question, why are you still capping the friends list at 100?

It’s stupid. My friends list has been full for several months, and I can’t make room for new friends without removing other friends. It’s stupid.

There are a couple of issues that irritate me here. Firstly, Xbox Live is a paid service. I put an annual £40 down for the privilege of using this service, so I feel this issue should have been addressed by now, especially as I’m not the first to raise it. Also your competitor’s alternative is entirely free, so maybe you should be trying harder at justifying the cost and keeping paid subscribers happy.

Secondly, despite charging users for Xbox Live, you are clearly investing your time elsewhere. Most likely on creating ludicrous props for our Avatars, which, if we want to take advantage of, we also have to pay for. I still haven’t gotten over that goddam Q-tip. It’s stupid.

Microsoft, please invest your time into the good of your users, without profit being at the forefront of your agenda. I’m pretty sure no one bought the giant Q-tip. Maybe that time would have been better invested in something useful?

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