Aside: Alan Wake Worth The Wait?

I don’t mean to jump the gun here, especially as I only booted Alan Wake up this evening, but I’m pretty certain it has been worth the wait.

In case you didn’t know, Alan Wake has been milling around the Xboxsphere since its launch in ’05, victim to many delays and a lack of updates.

Games that are in development for a long time are, in my opinion, typically underwhelming. Prey, which was in development for 11 years, was rubbish. It certainly lacked the quality you’d expect from a game that had been at the centre of such TLC for a long time, and it failed to grab my attention enough to even finish the game.

Too Human, while I never played it, was released to a mixed bag of reviews after a decade in development.

It seems that games that have been in development for lengthy periods of time are naturally met with high expectations, but rarely live up to these expectations. I think Alan Wake is different.

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