Aside: Bioware’s Bizarre New Approach To Sidequests

In my last post, I mentioned lack of sidequests as one of Mass Effect 2′s downsides. At 60 hours in, I now realise there are in fact a ton of sidequests… It’s just that most of them are hidden.

Admittedly I shouldn’t have left scanning the planets for minerals until I was so close to the final mission, but I realised I needed to better upgrade my ship, and I had been holding off for so long because of the monotony of probing planets. Now I’ve spent many hours scanning the planets, I’ve come across many missions I would have otherwise missed.

I fail to understand why Bioware have tucked away many of their sidequests, and I simply can’t see how it’s beneficial to the game or the player. Hopefully this is something we won’t see with Mass Effect 3.

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