Aside: Introducing My Dragon Age: Inquisition Character

Man, there is something about RPGs that enthral me. This is largely down to the lack of limitations. Your choices reflect the outcome and you have a wealth of control over your character. From personality traits, to strengths and weaknesses, to physical appearance, your character truly is your character.

This is my character, Fidem. She’s a (lowly) Level 3 mage and I intend on her being a bit of a hard-ass.

I’ve often tackled RGPs as a warrior, preferring to be physically strong and using my hands or axe as a weapon. I soon learned that mages have an easier time of it.

Instead of being in the thick of the battle zone, you can stand back and attack from a safer distance. Sometimes—and I’m not ashamed to admit this—I will even hide behind a rock. Considering I’m tackling Inquisition on Nightmare difficulty, I will need to find a lot of rocks…

Heyo, I'm Ashley. I like video games, photography, and my dog, Indie.

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