Aside: Natal.

I’m not usually one to link to stories that crop up in my feed reader, but I’m guessing many of you have reservations, like myself, regarding Project Natal. I’m not massively stoked on the idea of it. Not because of the technology itself, although the E3 demo initially had me thinking it seemed too ambitious, but more so about it changing the way we play video games entirely.

Then I read this article, which had a quote from Jon Burton, the Traveller’s Tales Director. Burton said “[the controller is] exceedingly clever, but the lag on the input and lack of physical buttons is really going to restrict the kind of games that can be done with it”. This has eased my mind in a big way.

Playing a triple A shooter with nothing but my body as the controller isn’t something that gets me excited. At all. I was worried that this was where the future of video games was indefinitely headed. Who knows, it possibly could be, but I have a temporary ease of mind knowing that this may not be possible any time soon.

Call me a lazy gamer, or call me too stubborn to embrace the changes Natal may bring, but I’m suddenly feeling very at ease with the motion control phenomenon. How about you?

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