Aside: This Is How Much Of A Geek I Am

You’re all about to collectively call me out on how sad I am.

When I’m playing a JRPG–which just so happens to be now—I sit with a notepad by my side, jotting down notes whenever an ambiguous clue is given in conversation with a NPC.

So, for example, some melancholy stranger (they’re always melancholy in JRPGs) will hint at buried treasure he’d concealed long ago in the past, just outside a dungeon you’ll happen to venture towards later in the game. Most people will have forgotten by the time they get there, but not I! No, I have it written down in my trusty moleskine.

What’s even geekier is that I then tick next to each objective I’ve completed.

Okay, I’ll get my coat and leave now.

Heyo, I'm Ashley. I like video games, photography, and my dog, Indie.

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