Aside: A Plea To Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, Xbox Live is now 7 years old, which begs the question, why are you still capping the friends list at 100? It’s stupid. My friends list has been full for several months, and I can’t make room for new friends without removing other friends. It’s stupid. There are a couple of issues that irritate me here. Firstly, [...]


Pop A Cap On It, ‘Yo

I don’t own Halo 3, but if I did I’d have 1750 GamerPoints to chase. I thought Fallout 3′s 1450 worth of Achievements were bad, but no, Halo takes the biscuit. Remember when retail games capped at 1000? Arcade games at 200? It seems this was only to be the case in the 360′s infancy, back when gamers paid little notice [...]


My Video Marketplace Blunder

I raved about Microsoft’s Video Marketplace on the Xbox 360 several months ago when I popped my cherry with The Nanny Diaries. Two nights ago I had a group of friends visiting, all of us in the mood for a few scares (watching The Descent the previous night should have put me off). With the closest Blockbuster having recently been closed [...]