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Decisions, Decisions: A Look At Forthcoming Releases

If the release calendar over at GamePlay is anything to go by, September is going to be a very difficult month for myself in the decisions department.

Looking at my wish list, September alone has 7 titles out which I’m desperate to drop some cash on and invest some time into.

I can’t jump from one game to another without completing whatever I’ve started, so I won’t find my bank balance taking too much of a hammering. I am, however, completely stumped as to what I should buy.

Infinite Undiscovery

Being an RPG nut, I downloaded the trailer of Infinite Undiscovery when it first appeared on Marketplace.

Visually it looks epic, but no longer subscribing to any gaming magazines I’m quite out of touch as to how it’s been shaping up. No doubt the usual criticisms shall be made; ‘cliché story, irritating characters, bad dialogue’, but I’m not looking for a JRPG to reinvent the wheel, I just get a kick out of exploring such an expansive Universe.

However, I’ve not long finished Lost Odyssey (which any JRPG fan should buy), and whenever I wrap up a JRPG, I’m always in the mood for something lighter.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

I’ve only ever played one Splinter Cell game (Double Agent), and I’m definitely not a dab hand at the stealth genre, plus the direction the new Splinter Cell game has taken looks entirely different to what the franchise is all about. Regardless, I do like my Tom Clancy games, and I enjoyed playing as Sam Fisher before. I’ll be waiting to see how this pans out, but if the reviews are commendable then it’s definitely a potential purchase.

Looks like this game won’t be coming out next month after all. It’s been delayed to a 2009-2010 release date.

Silent Hill: Homecoming

I don’t think the Xbox 360 has a great selection of horror games—it’s definitely an underserved genre. Aside from the Condemned series, what other horror games are there?

The last Silent Hill game I played was many years ago on the original PlayStation, but I remember absolutely loving the ambience of the game’s environment. Hopefully Homecoming can do the same thing and provide a few much needed scares.

Viva Pinata: Trouble In Paradise

I’ve received messages on Xbox Live before from people wondering why I play Viva Pinata. It’s a kids game, after all. Actually, given the chance I have no doubt that everyone and anyone can enjoy Viva Pinata. It’s as complex as you want to make it, so while Microsoft marketed it as a kids games, adults can have just as much fun with it, if not more.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Trouble in Paradise doesn’t change the formula of the original too much. More Pinatas and a wider variety of items to decorate your garden with would be great.

Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway

I love WWII shooters. I’m probably the only person who has yet to grow sick of them. I am, however, a Brothers in Arms virgin, but I’ve heard great things about the previous games. Plus, the few trailers and hands-on videos I’ve seen make it look like a really promising addition.

Apparently, and you can correct me if I’m wrong, Brothers In Arms relies heavily on the interaction between squad mates giving it a tactical element. I love tactical shooters therefore Brothers In Arms, with its WWII setting, sounds right up my street.

But There’s More!

Feel free to have a look at the rest of my September wish list. I’ve still got Condemned 2 to start, and I do have every intention of finally buying Grand Theft Auto IV, not to mention the Bourne game has been luring me in lately. It says a lot when someone who games as much as I do doesn’t have nearly enough time to play all the games they want.

What would you suggest I buy out of my desired games? Are you having the same problem as I am? I’m actually wishing there was a longer gaming drought…

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