Aside: Dusting Off My PlayStation 3

I’m playing a PS3 game. Yes, you read that right. I couldn’t resist as Ni no Kuni is a PS3 exclusive and a JRPG.

It seems like I haven’t played a JRPG in forever. They’re feeling increasingly sparse on current-gen consoles, which is disheartening as they are one of my favourite genres.

I’ve added trigger pads to my PS3′s controller so it’s more suited to people who have normal sized hands. That, coupled with the fact Ni no Kuni is (so far) astonishing, is enough to have me glaze over the fact I can’t chat to my friends whilst online, or I won’t be unlocking any Achievements (Trophies just aren’t the same).

10 hours into Ni No Kuni and I’m thinking the PS3 ain’t so bad. It seems suited to JRPGs, the type of game you don’t mind shutting yourself off to play. Still, I’d like to see more traditional JRPGs on the 360.

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