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Initial Impressions Of Dragon Age: Inquisition On Nightmare Difficulty


Nightmare difficulty: For tactical geniuses. Aim carefully. At this setting, errant spells and attacks will harm your allies as easily as your enemies.

There’s something you should know about me. I always, always, always play video games on the hardest difficulty. How else am I expected to sleep at night?

Spending £50 on a video game, slapping it on ‘Normal’ and blasting through it is my idea of a waste of time. No, I like to savour my games. I like to be challenged.

With that said, when it came to playing the latest Dragon Age, I admit I did hesitate when selecting ‘Nightmare’ difficulty. Dragon Age games, if played on the hardest difficulty, are notoriously, horribly, frustratingly challenging.

Or so I thought.

I’m now 10 hours into my Inquisition playthrough on ‘Nightmare’ difficulty and it’s… surprisingly OK. And yes, I’ve even had my first boss fight!

Granted there have been a few quests I’ve had to abandon until I level up some more. But to me, this is what RPGs are all about—grinding, levelling up, getting killed, more grinding, and levelling up until you’re strong enough to return to a quest that had previously beaten you.

I’m certain that, as the game progresses, I’ll have to become more tactical in my approach to battle. ‘Nightmare’ difficulty leaves little to luck in battle, and more to strategic thinking.

I also think it helps that I’m a playing as a mage. I usually play as warriors in RPGs. I like being a physically strong character, yielding a weapon and killing at close range. This can leave you more vulnerable to attack, though, as you’re in the thick of combat surrounded by enemies. Mages can stand back at a safer distance and assess the battle.

Of course, I may change my tune as I encounter more bosses. Or dragons. I’ve had none of those yet. But if the first 10 hours are anything to go by, I’ll survive.

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