Michael And Jung, More Of A Hinder Than Help

I really want to start this post off with an incoherent string of curse words, because Michael and Jung—the accompanying squad mates in Rainbow Six Vegas—really know how to piss a lady off.

I’ve ranted about them many times before, be it on Twitter or on my blog. When Ubisoft made the original Vegas, they blatantly didn’t put much emphasis on A.I., resulting in an infuriating single player campaign where, really, you’d have been much better off without Mung (as they will now be collectively called).

I’ve only played the original Vegas once prior to the run-through I’m playing now, both times on ‘Realistic’ difficulty. As the name implies, it’s not an easy campaign to beat, and with checkpoints sparsely scattered around, you’ll find yourself re-playing certain parts of the story many times over.

What really accounts for the campaign being so tough, however, is the burden of Mung. While you have complete control over your squad mates, in that you can position them whereabouts on the map you wish and instruct them to clear or frag rooms etc, they almost certainly fuck it up.

So, instead of the attack on enemy A.I. panning out as you intended, Mung will enter a room, face some slot machines, announce they’re under “heavy fire”, and both will fall injured, leaving you to clear an entire room of terrorists alone with the game ending if you don’t heal either of your fallen team mates on time.

Cue myself cursing aggressively at the television.

I now find myself appointing Mung to a corner of the room where they won’t hassle myself and will be firmly out of the line of fire. I’m now progressing through the story at a quicker pace, even though it’s now one (wo)man against a wave of terrorists.

Having said that, they still manage to mess things up for me. Tonight I was clearing out a room with various different entrance points. I commanded Mung to hang back where the middle entrance was. This way they would be well out of the line of fire, but if an enemy tried to flank me, Mung could take them out (I had set them to Assault, i.e. ‘weapon’s free’).

An enemy did flank me, casually walking past Mung and shooting me in the back while I was at the left entrance. At that point I had pretty much given up on all tactics and got through solely with sheer persistence.

Returning to the original Vegas after playing the sequel, I can now see this issue was addressed to an extent with Vegas 2. Mung aren’t as much of a hinder as they are in the original, though they seem to not be completely void of their stupidity.

The best thing to do if you’re wanting to progress through the campaign with minimal fuss, is to point those two idiots towards a quiet corner of the room and address clearing Vegas of terrorists alone. Ugh!

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