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Missing The Memo About The Demise Of The Xbox

I’ve always been under the impression that the Xbox brand is of a pretty solid stature in the gaming world, particularly down to the continuous success the 360 is achieving. Even though I wasn’t much of a gamer prior to this generation, I know the GameCube-PlayStation2-Xbox era saw the PlayStation 2 firmly stand as the King of console gaming, with both the GameCube and Xbox under performing sales-wise in comparison.

But with this generation I thought we were seeing the tables turn. Nintendo has undeniably made one hell of a comeback, and the Xbox 360 has carved itself a path as the hardcore gamer’s console of choice, perhaps down to its 15-month head start over the PlayStation 3 (that’s judging by the European launch dates for both consoles), and cheaper retail price.

The PlayStation 3, on the other hand, with its continued delay and loss of many exclusives, seemed like it may have been the one with a tough time ahead of itself, and a lot of redeeming to do with its fan base.

What’s come as a surprise to me—a 360 owne—is the amount of Xbox-derogatory feeds appearing in my RSS reader as of late. Analysts claim this year will see the Xbox brand struggle, elaborating there’s a troublesome year ahead for the 360. Oh, and figures reveal that the PlayStation 3′s European cumulative sales have surpassed those of the 360′s European cumulative sales. Sheesh!

I admit it’s difficult to write a post concerning disparaging remarks directed at the only console I own for fear of being lumbered a ‘fan girl’, because that I am not. But what I am is a little surprised.

It wasn’t long ago that gamers were opting for 360’s because the price of the PlayStation 3 was considerably higher. It wasn’t long ago Microsoft were whipping one-time exclusives from beneath Sony’s belt on an all too regular basis. It wasn’t long ago that Sony seemed to be delaying everything, from the launch of the console itself, to the much hyped introduction of community-based service, Home.

And now? Apparently the next year will be troublesome for the Xbox 360, settling in third place in the on-going console war, while the PlayStation 3 will continue to gain momentum.

I want to argue that the victory of Blu-Ray can account for strong PlayStation 3 sales, and in comparison haven’t software sales been much stronger for the 360? The odd occasion has occurred where I’ve been unable to walk in-store and buy a Xbox 360 game off the shelf (specifically Army of Two and more recently GTA IV), yet the PlayStation 3 booths have never been short of said games.

Regardless, my confusion remains. I’m not that hung up on the console war that the Xbox 360 falling behind in third place for hardware sales would devastate me. As long as Microsoft continue to serve us stellar games, which they have been doing all along, then I’m a happy gamer. I’m just puzzled as to how the 360 can go from being such a strong contender in the current line-up of consoles, to ‘struggling’ and facing a ‘troublesome’ year. Have I missed something?!

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