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Batman Arkham City

I’ve been waiting on the follow up to Arkham Asylum for a long time, and so far Arkham City isn’t a disappointment. The combat is just as addictive, as is soaring through the crime-infested city, solving riddles and, umm, admiring Catwoman. It’s become that game that makes me will 5pm to come along sooner every evening, and [...]

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LA Noire

I’m on the second disc of Rockstar’s 1940′s, action adventure game, LA Noire. It had a big buzz about it, and I was gutted that I took so long getting around to playing it. Now that I’m so far through it, though, I’m finding the missions a bit repetitive, but not to the extent I’m not enjoying it or won’t [...]


Struggling with Dragon Age II

I’m really struggling to enjoy Dragon Age II, which is really bothering me as I absolutely loved Origins. I’m having trouble putting my finger on what’s so different about Dragon Age II to Origins that’s preventing me from experiencing the same level of engrossment, because there’s nothing drastically different [...]

General Gaming

So, Gears 2.

OMG. I know. I’m so late to the Gears party that none of you are actually going to read this, yet here I am typing. About Gears. Men in big boots (big boots don’t die), even bigger suits, and guns with chainsaws. As a gamer, I should be in my happy place. But here I am having completed it on Hardcore, feeling a little “meh”. I can [...]