Video: Fallout New Vegas Stats


Scavenging In New Vegas

I return, this time singing the praise of Fallout: New Vegas. I’ve spent a mere 43 hours trawling the wasteland, and have just began making a dent in the main quest. What I’m particularly enjoying about the follow up to Fallout 3, which I put 80-odd hours into and fully expect to match with New Vegas, is that Hardcore mode exhibits [...]


Video: Skate 3 Is Much The Same As Skate 2

General Gaming

Re-equipping My Lancer

Gears of War. Who could argue that those three words have become synonymous with Xbox 360? It’s ‘our’ exclusive, the one that truly demonstrated what the 360 was capable of, and it certainly deserved the praise both critics and gamers showered it with. Like many others, I let myself get caught up in the hype and put my pre-order down [...]