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Skyrim is amazing, but I’m ready for Mass Effect 3 now

It’s hard to find time for gaming these days, especially RPGs. Particularly RPGs that boast 300 hours of gameplay. I made it clear I was concerned how much of an impact Skyrim would have on my life, but I’ve been very responsible with it, prioritising real life over the fabled hunt for dragons (also, a recent obsession with Dexter has probably helped curb my time spent in Skyrim).

After playing the game for 3 months, I’m only 80 hours in. In any normal game this would be considered a ridiculous length of gameplay, but it’s Skyrim. I’ve barely made a dent in it.

So yes, I’ve definitely got my money’s worth, and it is as wonderful as all the reviews would have you believe, but there is a pressing issue here. I am no where near finished with Skyrim, yet Mass Effect 3 is out tomorrow.

But first, back to Skyrim. Like I said, I’ve put about 80 hours into it, I’m a Level 20 Breton with a flair for destructive magic. I have an annoying companion, Lydia, who always gets in my way and blocks doorways.

Mostly I’ve focused on completing miscellaneous quests, but about a week ago it dawned on me that I’ll probably never finish this game, and that if I don’t turn my attention to the main quest now, there’s a solid chance I won’t ever know what the bloody game is about.

Quite simply, there isn’t a single game I’ve ever played that has as much time-sink potential as Skyrim.

I could, of course, stick with Skyrim until it’s done, dusted, I’ve cleansed the world of dragons and scored 1000 G’s and am 300 hours older, but even the past few days have been excruciating—hearing the Americans talking about Mass Effect 3 over Twitter, which they have of course got their hands on well before us Brits.

Three years ago, before I had a life with socialising and stuff, I would never have left a game unfinished, but it seems to be happening more often these days (I am ashamed, very ashamed). My love for RPGs still stands strong, but they don’t slot into my life as well as they used to.

Having said that, I’ll still be queuing for Mass Effect 3 tomorrow. Bring it!

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