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So, Gears 2.

OMG. I know. I’m so late to the Gears party that none of you are actually going to read this, yet here I am typing. About Gears. Men in big boots (big boots don’t die), even bigger suits, and guns with chainsaws. As a gamer, I should be in my happy place. But here I am having completed it on Hardcore, feeling a little “meh”.

I can totally justify this. Let me start by saying that I get that Gears is a good game. In fact it’s a great franchise, but there are aspects of it I’m not fond of, and they fundamentally dampen the whole experience for me.

Firstly, I hate the characters. They are stereotypical, OTT, butch soldiers with a complete lack of personality. Bo-ring. I think the only character I can stomach is the Cole Train, baby (I hope you read that in Cole’s voice). And Carmine. But he’s dead…

Secondly, the whole thing feels a tad cliche. Normally this wouldn’t bother me. In fact, the reason I get so angry at JRPG’s receiving low marks in reviews is because the reviewer normally describes them as cliche, and I’m always like “But that’s okay! We want traditional JRPG’s, no?!”.

I don’t know, maybe I just have a personal vendetta against Gears of War, because reading the above two paragraphs doesn’t really explain why I feel so “meh” towards Marcus Fenix and friends.

With that said, I still enjoyed my playthrough, though it was only redeemed by the fact I played it on co-op with a good friend and even gooder (not a word, I know) banter. No, wait, something else redeemed it… the Lancer. What a great weapon! I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of slicing through a Bolter.

The Horde mode is reason enough to get into Gears Multiplayer. When I bought the game Epic were doing a generous weekend of double XP. I fully indulged in a truly stereotypical gaming weekend; beer (does Bud 66 count?), pizza, and Horde. That I can’t recommend highly enough. Coming from a gamer who isn’t generally big on Multiplayer, that’s saying something.

Unfortunately I’ll never scratch my 100% completion itch with Gears. I think the Achievements are sitting around the 1,700 mark. If you come as late to the game as I have then that’s just ridiculous.

Will I be getting Gears 3? I say no at the moment, just like I wasn’t overly excited when Gears 2 launched.

By the time the third game in a series is released I’ve usually lost interest, although Mass Effect 3 is an entirely different story. At some point down the line, I might need Marcus Fenix’ muscles in my life. Who knows.

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