Aside: More Mass Effect G’s

I didn’t see this coming, but one of my favourite games, Mass Effect, has just had 150 G’s added to the total, bringing it up to 1200. Considering how long Mass Effect has been out, it feels the news of impending DLC is completely out of the blue. I did figure it was odd having the total ME Achievements sitting at 1050 G’s, [...]


Pop A Cap On It, ‘Yo

I don’t own Halo 3, but if I did I’d have 1750 GamerPoints to chase. I thought Fallout 3′s 1450 worth of Achievements were bad, but no, Halo takes the biscuit. Remember when retail games capped at 1000? Arcade games at 200? It seems this was only to be the case in the 360′s infancy, back when gamers paid little notice [...]