Video: Fallout New Vegas Stats


Scavenging In New Vegas

I return, this time singing the praise of Fallout: New Vegas. I’ve spent a mere 43 hours trawling the wasteland, and have just began making a dent in the main quest. What I’m particularly enjoying about the follow up to Fallout 3, which I put 80-odd hours into and fully expect to match with New Vegas, is that Hardcore mode exhibits [...]


Video: Blabbing About Dragon Age: Origins


Pop A Cap On It, ‘Yo

I don’t own Halo 3, but if I did I’d have 1750 GamerPoints to chase. I thought Fallout 3′s 1450 worth of Achievements were bad, but no, Halo takes the biscuit. Remember when retail games capped at 1000? Arcade games at 200? It seems this was only to be the case in the 360′s infancy, back when gamers paid little notice [...]

General Gaming

Fallout 3 Love

So I’ve just (accidently) finished Fallout 3, and I’m actually pretty gutted it’s ended. You know you’ve played a great game when you’re disappointed to see the credits roll. Never-the-less, this paves the way for Tomb Raider: Underworld, The Last Remnant, and Grand Theft Auto IV—all of which are patiently sitting [...]