Aside: A Plea To Microsoft

Dear Microsoft, Xbox Live is now 7 years old, which begs the question, why are you still capping the friends list at 100? It’s stupid. My friends list has been full for several months, and I can’t make room for new friends without removing other friends. It’s stupid. There are a couple of issues that irritate me here. Firstly, [...]


Aside: I Hate My Xbox

To say I have a love / hate relationship with my Xbox 360 is an understatement. It gives me great pleasure by offering a platform to play amazing exclusives on, not to mention an easy way to connect to friends while playing these amazing exclusives. It also has a very evil side, though, which I’ve been discovering on a daily basis recently. [...]


My Video Marketplace Blunder

I raved about Microsoft’s Video Marketplace on the Xbox 360 several months ago when I popped my cherry with The Nanny Diaries. Two nights ago I had a group of friends visiting, all of us in the mood for a few scares (watching The Descent the previous night should have put me off). With the closest Blockbuster having recently been closed [...]