Then Mass Effect 3 Came Along…

Over the past 2 years my passion towards gaming has dwindled, as has been evident by the lack of frequent updates on this blog. I figured it was just part of getting older—my priorities were changing and my interests were evolving.

Then Mass Effect 3 came along.

I think Mass Effect 3 has had the effect on me I expected Skyrim to have. To give some perspective, I put 80 odd hours into Skyrim over the course of 3 months and never completed the main quest. I’ve had Mass Effect 3 for less than 4 weeks and have already put close to 40 hours into it.

My life consists of going to the gym, taking photographs, selling insurance and looking after my dog. It may not sound much but it keeps me busy. Very busy. I was beginning to give up hope that games would play on my mind as much as they did back in my gaming heyday, circa 2008.

Then Mass Effect 3 came along.

Heyo, I'm Ashley. I like video games, photography, and my dog, Indie.

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