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Three Months Later I Finished Fallout 4

I’m too afraid to check how many hours I invested in it. Although I’ve always devoted a lot of time to RPGs, I’m a proper adult now with a business to run.

My Level 51 character and 84% of Trophies unlocked implies it was a hell of a lot of hours I put into it. It was worth it.

I created a male character, maxed out my charisma, had Strong as my sidekick, teamed up with the Minutemen and generally tried to do good by the people of the Wasteland. I usually opt to play with good karma—I find bad karma uncomfortable.

Slightly unrelated: I’ve just finished a second playthrough of inFamous: Second Son with evil karma and found it hard to stomach.

An unexpected byproduct of Fallout 4 has been an interest in Trophies. When I was a 360 fangirl, I was obsessed with Achievements (or completion percentage, more accurately). That hunger hadn’t extended to the PlayStation’s Trophy system until now.

I only have one Trophy to unlock that doesn’t require a second playthrough, although I’m unsure I’m patient enough to nab this one. It’s a time intensive task of increasing a settlement’s happiness to 100, which takes hours of work.

So, what’s next? Whenever I finish a RPG I tend to opt for something a bit more fast-paced. My friend, Aaron, is letting me borrow Batman: Arkham Knight. I’ve always loved the battle system in Batman games.

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