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What Happened To Veteran Mode?

Today I finished Advanced Warfare after not having played a Call of Duty game for five years.

Five years.

Like a lot of games these days, Call of Duty fell victim to franchise fatigue. Too. Many. Releases.

I figured 5 years is enough of a break to make the game fun again. And I wasn’t wrong.

Reviews of Advanced Warfare seem to have been favourable, but I received several unimpressed comments from friends in response to me mentioning I had bought the game. I guess nobody else took a five year hiatus from the series.

It’s been so long since I played a run and gun shooter that I really enjoyed my return to the franchise and fighting the futuristic war.

The gadgets were OTT, the graphics were stellar (I’m on PS4 now), and Kevin Spacey was in it! But what happened to Veteran mode?

It seems I had this same thought in 2009.

Veteran mode has been dumbed down and doesn’t provide much of a challenge. I recall Call of Duty missions sometimes taking days to complete on Veteran and a real sense of accomplishment as a result, whereas I torpedoed through Advanced Warfare without much of a scratch. And I’m not even good at shooters. I mean, I haven’t played this one for five years!

Call of Duty needs to return to its hardened roots, or I need to find a new challenge as far as single-player shooters are concerned.

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